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The mask I polish in the evening,

by the morning looks like shit

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Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

my favorite sound is a cat purring.



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80'severything, aeroplane food, aprons, beers+wine, blackblack.and.moreblack, board games, bronica, cardigans, clumpy boots, cycling, domesticbliss, dr martens, extremely loud+incredibly close, films, fleeting/lasting/infatuations, french toast, gardening, girls playing piano, grunge, headscarfs, idiosyncrasies, libraries, lolita, marlboros, marya hornbacher, meds, museums, my diary, passion, peanutm+ms, people-watching, photography, pick'n'mix, raggydolls, reading-always, redredlips, rollupsmokes, sailor jerry, skulls, slytherin, swimming, tattoos, teateateateayum, the-little-prince, the.smell.of.smoke.when.drinking, thick eyebrows,, wearing-nighties-as-dresses, wine, wine gums, zombies
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