Aug. 12th, 2030 03:51 am
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I have had this journal for many years and do not like any of these new blog sites, so this shall be my photography blog (public updates) and for more personal posts, they shall be friends only.
Let me know if you add me.

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I want curly hair. It's been oooh, a month since i last tried to do something to my hair that went wrong (bleach a streak, but it only took to the 2inches of growth and went blue and the hennad part stayed the same so now i have a blue patch...) so i will get a home perm kit and do a few strands, which will no doubt break off or go green..
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I think i may start to write in here again. If only for the fact i love suddenly thinking 'ooo i wonder what rubbish i posted on LJ this time last year', then finding it and being pleased to see that it was as stupid as i thought.

So anyway. I am shattered after cycling everywhere, all day, all the time.
I did one thing during the festival but i don't think it counts as it was Daves friends band doing a gig in bannermans.

Beryl loves the clothes horse. She especially likes when i have a large towel draped over the top. She jumps up and starts rolling about like a right wee hoor, purring and batting her paws about. <3

And my brain is mush tonight.
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I want to go camping. I'd prefer an actual go away travel by plane and stay in a hostel/hotel type holiday. But i am also really missing summer, so camping lust is upon me. And i am skint. Who wants to go camping with me?
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I am so bad at using this to update these days. I read my friends page every other day though.
Umm. Finished uni for the year, weather i have passed is unsure because of this part of the course called 'critical thinking' which is to teach us how to write essays basicaly. I missed too many of the lectures, i am sure it would have helped me, but even people who went to all of it were still confused by the essay questions we got.
Anyway. I have done no christmas shopping and am only getting my parents stuff as i am so skint. I would rather use my money to go on nights out with mates than exchange gifts.
It is snowing again. I got snow flake dot work tattoos and shaved some of my hair.

it goes further back/is more than you can see here, diy hair shaving = needs fixing

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It has been snowing, snowing and then snowing some more here in Edinburgh since last weekend <3. Snow is my favorite weather, i wish i hadn't been feeling a bit lethargic all week and gotten out to take photos, instead of just a few in my garden. I have only fallen over once and it was in my street so not too embarrassing.

I had a wee photography exhibition in the tattoo shop i frequent the most. I was so nervous that no one would come, but lots of people did, there was nachos and far too much wine afterwards, amazing night :).

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Not had much time to update for a while. Life has been busy :). still reading though.

halloween was much fun

its a broomstick dammit

more )
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Could you lovely people please vote for me here -

i don't think you need to register to vote :)

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I am fairly busy with uni. I am not used to having deadlines, making time for photo shoots, working and seeing friends all at once, so i am a little bit stressed out but smiling all the while for the most part.

I made an amazing drink tonight. Hot chocolate with some almond essence stuff and cinnamon powder ♥.

Rays talons.

landscape shoot day up Braid Hills in Edinburgh. I have never really done landscapes, so this part of my course is a real learning experience :)

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Mmm tea and toast.
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Damn you red tattoo ink. Everything else has flaked off, just not the patch of red which is a big angry thick itchy scab. *shakes fist and covers in soothing creams*.

I will take a better 'all around the arm' photo soon. So happy with it :)

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Could people please vote for me please please please?




Sep. 2nd, 2010 03:33 pm
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Firstly, i am suddenly quite ill. Being able to breath through my nose is something i really take for granted.

Last week from monday the twentythird or august to sunday the twentyninth i had a wee section of a tent (stall) at the West End craft fair. I wasn't actually that nervous about the event, i was more nervous about being with people for seven hours a day. I am not used to that much human interaction! The group of ten+ people involved in the Owl and Lion part of the fair were all such nice people. I am so glad i had the chance to meet so many like minded genuinely nice people. I did a lot better with my sales than i thought i would, considering everyone was saying how sales were slow this year.

Now i have too many ideas for photos in my head. I am going to have a sandwich and then try to contain the lurgy long enough to get some pictures taken in my garden for today.

Stall fun ♥ )
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27/52 thinly veiled

I found 'Party of Five' series one for five pounds yesterday.
My right thigh muscle is agony because i was dancing on an uneven slippery floor in new rocks at the weekend.
A lot of things are frustrating me at the moment.
How are some people so blind towards others?
It is so hard to find black or white fabric pens in actual shops.
I spilled some tea on a cigarette and i am looking forward to smoking it so see if it tastes of tea.
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If anyone wants a print of a dolly, or my toes, look no further!
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Went to the zoo last week. Unplanned trip which ended up being around the same time we went last year. It was better than last year because the big cats were up and roaming about. When i say roaming about i mean pacing back and forth in the front of their cages. It makes me so sad to see these animals caged up, i feel bad for paying to see it. WHY do the fucking gazelles/deer things get HUGE open spaces when the cats appear to have tiny cages. I thought that large cats needed the chance to get a good run? Edinburgh Zoo sucks now compared to ten years ago. There are no Elephants or Giraffes and no reptile house! I have no idea why there is no reptile house, i used to love looking at the huge snakes.

He looks blind. I don't think he had a problem with vision as he kept sort of stopping to look at me :)
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